Took a hike with my friend Jennifer the other day. I had wanted to go to Big Basin for quite some time, and it was nice to finally get around to it. My roommate and fellow hiking buddy, Chris, had gone the week before while I was still getting back from England, and he really seemed to enjoy his visit there.

So I decided it was a good choice for a place to take my friend who is here nannying for a local family, and who is from Colombia. Why not show our visitor some of the best California has to offer?

We ended up doing what is one of the main hikes in the park, heading down to Berry Creek Falls. The nearly 10 mile loop also includes Silver falls and Golden Cascade (if the names given by other bloggers are to be believed). So why do I blog about this when others already have? Well, it's just nice to keep a record for myself. And secondly, stop asking so many questions! ... Please?

I have been to enough redwoods now in my time in Northern California that I think I'm quite the fan of the sequoia sempivirens. I have to say that I am quite enjoying all of the fantastic nature one can reach within about a four hour radius of my house. There are also many great things to see even closer (like Big Basin).

Please enjoy the photos!

Big Basin Photos