As promised, here is the next part in a series of desert photos I've taken over the last several months. This time, I highlight photos in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas during a recent road trip to Austin.

Northern and Central Arizona

The Grand Canyon from the snowy South Rim - February 26, 2019.

Looking back toward Humphreys Peak from the rim of the Grand Canyon. The icy Bright Angel Trail can be seen towards the bottom right of the photo. - Feb 26, 2019
Looking south of Sedona from the Chapel of the Holy Cross the week following a major snow storm. - Feb 27, 2019
Petrified Forest National Park - Feb 27, 2019
Painted Desert in Petrified Forest National Park - Feb 27, 2019

New Mexico

The base of the Sandia Peak Tramway in Albuquerque. - Feb 28, 2019

West Texas

The Guadalupe Mountains from highway 62 near the New Mexico Border in West Texas. On the previous night, the inverted frost layer glimmered at dusk. This photo was taken the following morning on the way to Carlsbad Caverns. - Mar 5, 2019


I'll mention that if I were into making "best of" lists, Mt. Lemmon Highway would be on the one for roadways. It's simply spectacular! I believe we also hit the jackpot timing wise. Sometimes you're just lucky!

Near the bottom of Mt Lemmon Highway with Saguaro not a few. - Mar 6, 2019
Looking towards Thimble Peak at a vista point on the Mount Lemmon Highway. - Mar 6, 2019
Windy Point Vista on Mt. Lemmon Highway. Some folks down below are rappelling. - Mar 6, 2019
Snowy Town of Mt. Lemmon near the top of the highway. It's a lovely stop for the ambitious cyclist who needs some calories... and for the person who drove a car and wants some fudge just because. - Mar 6, 2019
From the Valley View Overlook Trail in Saguaro National Park. - Mar 7, 2019

Next Up

In part 3, I'll bring you some photos of Joshua Tree National Park