Instead of taking the interstate straight home from Phoenix on a recent road trip to Texas, my mom and I decided to go through Joshua Tree NP.

Beautiful wildflower bloom on the south side of the park in the Colorado Desert. Dare I use the term "super..."? No... I can't believe those words nearly proceded forth from this keyboard. - Mar 8, 2019
When you drive in the low desert in the spring, you are of necessity a murderer of butterflies. Sad times. - Mar 8, 2019
Palms typical of the Colorado Desert. This is in the southern part of the park. - Mar 8, 2019
Cholla Garden as we ascend to the higher altitudes and the Mojave Desert. - Mar 8, 2019
Dreary Mojave Desert scattered with Joshua trees. - Mar 8, 2019 
The descent from Keys View. - Mar 8, 2019

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