Today was a a friend's birthday. For her birthday, Liz decided to invite several of us out to Muir Woods National Monument in Marin County, California. This may not seem like such a good idea in mid February, but we lucked out as the weather must have been around 70 degrees (Fahrenheit, Euro readers, which are likely none).

I had been to Muir Woods last spring as part if an 18 mile hiking loop from the beach to Mount Tamalpais and back. This time, the pace was more leisurely as we only walked a short loop in the monument, in no hurry to be anywhere. We had some quality PB&J prepared by the birthday girl (wait, why didn't the rest of us make them for her?), along with chips, guacamole, and apple slices.

In the park, we took lots of the kind of photos tourists might take, and had lots of such tourists take the same photos for us. And boy were there plenty of them, tourists and photos alike. People must have been parked on the side of the road a mile or more down the road to get into the park.

After visiting the park we headed to Stinson Beach. Along the way we stopped at the Muir Beach lookout, where I had visited once before (I think on a drive with my mom, but I am not sure).

Fortunately, we showed up late enough at the beach to find parking as many folks were already heading home. We tossed around the frisbee, and a couple of friends tried to see who could keep their feet in the water the longest.

Enjoy the slides from this outing! Happy Birthday, Liz!

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