I got to enjoy a bit of snow this last winter around the Western United States. I say "enjoy" as my permanent home receives very little snow, thus making visits to snow a delightful novelty. It's July now and I recently made another cross-country road trip. I must say that the snow fall has done wonders for the summer beauty of the mountains in the western US.

Seattle Snowpocalypse 2019

What a convenient weekend to show up to Seattle. Fortunately I was able to get to use my rental car to travel to the Boeing Tour before the storm hit... because it basically stayed parked after that. But thanks to the excellent services in Seattle, getting around on public transit was no problem. I also liked how the snow didn't seem to keep folks from going on about their business, and many used the opportunity to bust out their sleds and skis.

Bainbridge Island
Green Lake, a day after the event

Eastern Sierra

Took a short weekend trip to the Sierras with mom. Enjoyed being out in the beauty.

Along the road to Aspendell
In Mammoth
Shopping Center in Mammoth
Service Station at June Lake Loop Junction
White Mountain Road to the Ancient Bristlecone Forest is not plowed (I knew ahead of time, don't worry). This reminds me I need to make a visit!
White Mountain Road to the Ancient Bristlecone Forest. Some skiers took to the unplowed road. 
Mount Whitney
Soy yo delante de Mount Whitney

The Desert Southwest

These are some photos from late February on a road trip from Southern California to Austin, Texas and back.

Humphreys Peak from outside of Flagstaff
Isn't it Grand?
Sedona Arizona
Inverted Frost Layer coating the Guadalupe Mountains on the border of Texas and New Mexico.
View looking out from Sandia Peak in Albuquerque, NM