Upon arrival in Mendoza, we soon learned that we had arrived right in the Middle of La Fiesta de Valdimia.

We walked towards the plaza at around lunch time on Saturday and soon found the streets lined with people who had come to watch a parade. We stopped and had a milanesa on the peatonal near La Avenida San Martin. From there we could see the parade which had an interesting variety of groups and floats. In one float, a girl was swimming in a large wine glass. A lot of the floats, however, were just beauty pageant contestants.

We then rented a little chevy, which Terry was brave enough to drive on the streets of Mendoza, and took it to Las Termas de Cacheuta. We enjoyed the town, and the cool bridges there. Then we tried to find the actual hot springs, but everybody gave us different instructions on how to get to them. Finally, we found out the ones at the hotel were closed. But fortunately, we found some down by a river that weren't owned by a hotel. Yet unfortunately, the people hanging around them were pretty stinking drunk. But we enjoyed the drive out and back, and checked out an old tunnel on the way back to Mendoza.

Upon arriving in Mendoza, we had to find our new hostel, Hostel Savigliano. This may or may not have taken us quite some time, as we couldn't find the section of street we needed.

This hostel was nicer than our first one, being very clean an having made beds and plenty of amenities. We liked it a lot.

On Sunday, we attended the Godoy Cruz Centro Ward because Terry's older brother had baptized the first counselor in the bishopric many years ago. We were very warmly received by the members. It was so nice to attend church in Spanish again. Mike, of course, announced in Priesthood opening exercises that Terry and I were looking for Argentine wives, to which the bishop responded by leaving the room and returning promptly with a fire hydrant.

After church we arranged for the brother who Terry's brother baptized to speak with the baptist himself. Then we headed to the Bishop's house where we were invited to lunch. I was personally very impressed with the kindness his family offered us and hope that I might be so gracious to others in the future. We were likely there nearly 4 hours without a dull moment. Also, they went out if their way to prepare a great meal, for which we were extremely grateful. The three of us all tried our first mate, and we took pictures of our sour faces, which are quite amusing.

At night we relaxed at a Senior Missionary Couple's house as Luis chatted with Terry's brother over VOIP. We had some ice cream with dulce de leche and a generally relaxed time. The rest of the night we chilled, catching up on much needed down time.

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