On Monday we went on a trip with Luis (man Terry's brother baptized), wife, and son to the Villavicencio Natural Reserve to the north of Mendoza. We stopped at the place of the former resort to tomar some mate. We then took a nice drive to the high mountains above the former resort and had some sandwiches. The road up the mountain side was quite scenic and we saw some great views looking back down towards the desert valley.

After this excursion we drove back into town and took a drive around Parque San Martín. To the South of the park we found the neighborhood to be, let's say, real. However, more directly west, the neighborhood looked quite like Beverly Hills. I guess the whole neighborhood reminds one of Los Angeles in that there is ghetto immediately set against the ritzy.

We got some Havana alfajores back in town and essentially called it a night.

On Tuesday we drove up to the Mirador de Aconcagua back near the border of Chile. The little walking trails around the lagunas were splendid, and it was good to say we viewed the tallest peak of the Americas. We saw La Puente del Inca, which is a sulfur formed bridge, supposedly part of the Inca trail. The road to and from Anconcauga follows the Mendoza river which is a muddy river with lots of rapids cutting through tall, desert rocks. The river flattens out in a fertile valley at Uspallata before continuing down to Mendoza. The river is dammed to form a reservoir at Potrerillos.

We returned home, got some more Argentine pesos, and quickly got on our busses, Mike to Neuquen and Terry and myself to Tucumán.

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